May 21, 2017, Bridgewater NJ
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Artists and Dealers 2017


AJ Martinson – art prints

Bella87crafts – pixel art in the form of magnets, keychains, pins, & pictures

BrickLove Jewelry – necklaces, earrings & accessories made with Lego & Swarovski crystals

Dilaram Ceynek – prints, stickers & handmade cups

Chibi Choudai – keychains of custom chibi versions of anime, manga & video game characters

Doktor Crimson – prints, buttons & charms including fan art & originals

Dream Meme Studio – original fan art prints, stickers, charms, small books of fan art, & commissions

FelipeY_Art – fan art prints & commissions

Tristan Gallagher Art – hand painted tiles, prints & canvases

Gracie Macie Illustration – anime & pop culture fan art prints, pinback buttons, stickers & original illustrations

Ingenious Edge – handmade bookmarks, magnets, sewn pillows, multi-genre including comics, anime & misc.

Michele Knotz – art prints

Little Mango Store – prints, acrylic charms & buttons

Luminary Paradox – art prints, stickers, charms, buttons, & lanyards

LokiRoki & SoulArch – prints, buttons, stickers, phone charms, coin purses, stationary/bookmarks, ink stamps, commissions & original art pieces

Melonsquare – anime & manga art in prints, stickers & postcards

Midi Mayo – handmade/printed goods of prints, buttons, & charms

Moonlight Bay Studios – prints, bookmarks, buttons & digital commissions

Nyaasu Nekoban – art prints, pins & stickers

Orange Revenge – prints, charms & buttons

Riadoodles – prints, zines, commissions, acrylic charms, sticker packs, heart buttons, tote bags, & apparel

Spicy Tuna – prints, charms, buttons, mini character plushies, & stationary: memo pads, black sketchbooks, washi tape, magnets, stickers, stamps, bookmarks, booktabs, etc.

Scott Tellep – magnets, decals, USB thumb drives, jewelry, etc.

Kai Texel – prints, charms, pins, & stickers

A Valley of Stars Studio – character-inspired hand soap, LED resin necklaces, phone charms, resin pendants, hand-sewn dolls, stickers, art prints, & their webcomic

Village Hidden in the Clovers 4-H Anime Club – various art

Warped Rainbow – artist-made charms, paintings & crafts                       


Amai Pinku – San-x stationary, knick-knacks & handmade Dango plushies

Geek Mythology Crafts – original pixel art designs for perler bead figures, buttons, bags, charms, keychains, & other accessories

HKT Import Toys – licensed Japanese import toys, anime related merchandise, gashapons, figures, & plushies

Rare Candy – vintage & rare Pokemon items from Japan

Sugee! – anime merchandise: figures, keychains, lariats, bags, banners/posters, magazines, manga, J-fashion accessories, Rement miniatures, & K-pop merch                              

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