May 21, 2017, Bridgewater NJ
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Cosplay Catwalk Rules and Categories

The categories for the CloverCon 2015 Cosplay Catwalk are as follows:

  • Non-Judged All Grades
  • In-Experienced Single (Grade 4)
  • Experienced Single (Grade 5-8)
  • Master Single (Grade 9-13)

Particpates younger than Grade 4 and older than Grade 13 will not be judged but may still participate. All participants must wear their numbers at all times while on the Catwalk. The CloverCon Cosplay Catwalk does not allow Cosplayers to go up as a group, however, they can be acknowledged as a group if they indicate that they are part of a group cosplay on the Catwalk Registration Form.

Catwalk Registration is from 10 AM till 12 PM. Individuals who do not fill out a Registration Form will not be able to participate for a ribbon.

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