May 21, 2017, Bridgewater NJ
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Panels and Workshops!

Featured Panels!


Prepare for trouble & make it double! It’s the voices of Jessie, James & Meowth from Team Rocket in Pokémon, Michele Knotz & James Carter Cathcart! Join them in their crazy adventures as they take you on a ride from script to voice booth!

Michele Knotz and Chris Smith's Pokémon Nintendo 3DS Party Panel!

“Join “Jessie”, Michele Knotz & Pokémon expert Chris Smith for games, contests, battles, sing-a-longs, & more. Trade with other Pokéfans, learn about breeding & battling, & play for prizes! Bring your own Nintendo 3DS for special prizes!”

Anime Parliament

Welcome to the highest court in the anime multi-verse. Anime Parliament® is where you can step forward as a character or just a concerned fan, and attempt to institute the changes you feel need to be made:  

  • Do you want to have Relena Peacecraft kicked out of office?
  • How about giving Sango that restraining order against Miroku?
  • Want to make Akito Tenkawa the new captain of the Nadesico?
  • Why not petition to make Angelic Layer an Olympic event?

Just come forward, state your case, bring witnesses, and make it happen. But remember, not everyone in the Parliament will agree with you.

Be ready for a debate, because you’ll almost certainly get it.

Sacred Symbols/Giant Robots: Symbolism & Symbolic Action in Mecha:

 Archetypal mythology, politics, philosophy, technology & GIANT ROBOTS!  Born out of an earlier panel on Evangelion, this one explores the concept of the giant robot (specifically golems & gods) , those who elect to pilot them, & how mecha series manage to tackle human issues & political tension. After exploring the concepts, the panel concludes with four “case studies” on how these ideas have been borrowed by Eva, RahXephon, Escaflone, & Xenogears / sagas. 

Ink at OtakuUSA

Launched in June of 2007, Otaku USA is a full-color magazine featuring reviews written from an American point of view on anime and manga, videogames, and other Japanese pop culture elements. One of the Otaku USA writers, Ink, who's been contributing to the magazine since 2013, is here to give a brief history of the magazine itself, talk about his experience as a contributor, and (try to) answer any
questions you want to ask. Stop on by the panel for all the juicy details and tales of dreaded deadlines!

Poetry in Anime

The Power of Words in a Visual Medium: Japan has a rich sense of literary tradition. The dense poems of this island nation have been written, spoken & chanted for ages for uses in everything from courtship & spiritualism to politics & philosophy. Much has changed within the nation &, with it, the poetry of its people & how it is delivered, Join Ink of as he points out instances within the relatively new medium of anime where the ancient power of traditional poetry is leveraged for humor, introspection & drama.


Improv Workshop with the Clover Ensemble

Join The Clover Ensemble for some improv fun & see what  "The Expert" has to say, what "The Props" are doing and what happens when we act out  "Scenes from the Clover Hat"!

Japanese Folk & Fairy Tales

After a quick review of Japanese folk & Fairy tales & their terminology, the audience chooses a story to read & act out with various volunteers stepping up to voice the different characters.

Very Superstitious: Japan Edition

Every culture has its own unique superstitions. How will you know whether it's going to rain today, or when you shouldn't get married, or how to stay warm in the winter? Come find out!

Drawing the Basics

Our drawing workshop is a must for beginner artists! This workshop will be exploring the basics of drawing at a beginner’s level. We will go over shaping out figures, proportions of the human body & shadow.

Full Metal Alchemist

“Roy Mustang” & “Edward Elric” take your questions about cosplay and the Fullmetal Alchemist series. They will also be giving tips about safe cosplaying.

Note: Please refrain from calling Ed short.  You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Get Spirited Away with Studio Ghibli!

Come and enter the enchanting world of Studio Ghibli! Learn more about the making of a Ghibli movie, the mythology behind the movies, and more about the man behind the movies, Hayao Miyazaki! And get to see the beautiful concept art and storyboards of Ghibli from the 1980s to today.

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