Charles Dunbar is back!

Charles Dunbar returns to CloverCon!

This year he will be presenting Supernatural Smackdown!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages- tonight the giants of folklore collide in what will be a truly monumental clash of brawn and brains. And it is up to YOU, the audience, to determine which one comes out on top. Monsters from Japan and the world at large face off in truly titanic battles, leading up to your MAIN EVENT...which you, the audience, also will serve as the final referee and judge. Prepare yourself for SUPERNATURAL SMACKDOWN! with Charles Dunbar.”

We will be posting the schedule within the next couple of days so get hyped!

Anime Parliament!

We are happy to announce that Adam Hennessy will once again be bringing his interactive Anime Parliament to CloverCon!

“Welcome to the highest court in the anime multi-verse. Anime Parliament® is where you can step forward as a character or just a concerned fan, and attempt to institute the changes you feel need to be made: 

  •  Do you want to have Relena Peacecraft kicked out of office?

  • How about giving Sango that restraining order against Miroku?

  • Want to make Akito Tenkawa the new captain of the Nadesico?

  • Why not petition to make Angelic Layer an Olympic event?

 Just come forward, state your case, bring witnesses, and make it happen. But remember, not everyone in the Parliament will agree with you.”

Stay tuned for more CloverCon news!

M&M's Non-Candy-Coated Theater Hour!

Introducing our newest panel presented by Voice Actors Mike Pollock and Michele Knotz, M&M's Non-Candy-Coated Theater Hour!

“Do you have a sweet tooth for the theater? Then why not unwrap that passion and show us your talent! Leave your stage-fright at the door and join us for an impromptu script reading of some classic Aesop's Fables! Join Mike Pollock and Michele Knotz for M&M's Non-Candy-Coated Theater Hour!”

We have a few more panels to announce before we publish this year’s schedule, so stay tuned!