The categories for the CloverCon 2019 Cosplay Catwalk are as follows:

  • Children - Ages 12 and under

  • Teen - Ages 13-17

    • Compiled

    • Handmade

  • Adult - Ages 18 and up

    • Compiled

    • Handmade

Handmade: Your costume must be at least 70% handmade.

Compiled:  Your costume is less than 70% handmade and mainly made up of  purchased pieces compiled together.

In each age category participants will be judged on:

  • General appearance

  • Craftsmanship (Handmade)/ Fit (Compiled)

  • Originality/ Resemblance

  • Energy/ Presentation

Groups will be judged individually, not as a whole group. Groups will however be allowed to walk the catwalk as a group.

Catwalk Registration is from 10 am till 12 pm. No forms will be accepted after 12pm.

 All participants who would like to be judged will need to attend pre-judging in the Green Room from 11:15- 12:30 pm.

Line-Up starts at 1:15pm. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will NOT be able to participate in Cosplay Catwalk.

Photo Policy: Your picture will be taken while on the CloverCon Cosplay Catwalk and may be used for our promotional purposes. Youth in photos will not be identified.