The Bear Accessories: Jewelry: handmade pendants and earrings, chokers, and bracelets, wearables: pins, lanyards, headbands, hair bows and flowers. Most are original works but some are fanart or fan-inspired

BlimpDog Productions: Art prints, buttons and stickers

ButteredPuffin: Sewn & knitted items including dragon scarves, Magikarp hats, dice bags and 3DS game pouches

CanCrunchGoats & KB Doodles: Prints, posters and buttons, fanart, original works & on the spot commissions

Candace April Lee Illustration:  Original & fanart prints, stickers & perler bead art

Cheppoly: Original and fanart (anime, manga, and games) prints, zines, and charms

Chocola Studio: Buttons, shirts, and prints.

Danimation: Original art and fan art, prints, comics, coloring sheets, word searches, pins, buttons, stickers, etc. 

Eggstars: Anime key chains, digital prints, stickers, buttons, needle felted trinkets and on the spot commissions

Emily Grimaldi: Original and fan art prints, stickers & on the spot commissions

Galacrowns & Crew: Hand made flower crowns, art prints, and on the spot art commissions

HEYOUWITHEFACE: Prints, Patches, Buttons, Zines, accessories, homemade bath bombs, commissions, and more!

Ingenious Edge: Corner bookmarks, pillows, stickers & magnets

IronBunny: custom canvas painting with silhouettes

JLGillustration: Scifi prints, Fantasy prints , video games inspired prints, buttons, pins, acrylic charms , commissions,painting , artist trading cards

Kadeations: Crochet amigurumi, keychains, and accessories

Kai Texel: Prints, charms, stickers and pins

Kamil Wincinski: Prints, charms, buttons, stickers

Little Mango Store: Charms, prints, buttons, stickers

Lovely Landfill: Original and fanart prints, buttons, keyrings, stickers, charms, custom art dolls, one of a kind art cards, and on the spot commissions

Mad Artist Paradise: Hand painted wood plaques, hand made / hand painted origami butterflies

Michele Knotz: Art prints

Mionmari: Prints, charms, stickers with fanart and shirts with original designs

Nyaasu: Artwork prints, pins, stickers

Orange Revenge: Prints, charms, & buttons

Princemakuu/Robojunbug/Eds Art Factory:  Plushies, prints, keychains, stickers and commissions

Scott's Squishies & Stuff:  Jewelry, magnets, decals, and squishies

SiNNiNG STRAYS: Prints featuring mostly cats in alternative clothing with positive messages about the importance of being yourself

Village Hidden in the Clovers: 4-H Anime & Manga Club's artists - various art works

Von Spooky Art: Video game fan art, original works inspired by Japanese fashion and popular culture available as prints, buttons, charms, wall scrolls and more!

WaffleBubbles: Prints, buttons, keychain, candles, stickers, jewelry postcards

Weeabows: Bows in the colors of different LGBTQA flags or inspired by different fictional characters, omamori with little fortunes and inspiring things inside, teru teru bozu, and flower crowns

Whatever & Company: chainmaille jewelry jewelry, costumes,  accessories, & plushies

Zarai's Creations: Perler bead art, as well as 3d printed items and fabric pouches


Amai Pinku: San-x official stationary/knick-knacks and other anime merchandise imported from Japan.

Funzai Anime and More: - anime merchandise

Kawaii & Guy: Anime merchandise as well as "kawaii" fashion and accessories, plushies, key chains, wall scrolls and more cute things!

Rare Candy: Authentic vintage and rare Pokémon items straight from Japan!

Retro Classics: Classic video games